Automated Privacy Request Processing
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Automated Privacy Request Processing
The list changes to be more inclusive almost every day.

Every country is following in the footsteps of the EU to make privacy a human right. Businesses in California must implement a privacy platform by January 1st, 2020, and Canada has implemented their own privacy legislation in PIPEDA

Automated Privacy Request Processing for GDPR
Automated Privacy Request Processing for PIPEDA
Automated Privacy Request Processing for California
Automated Privacy Request Processing
Automated Privacy Request Processing for Consumers
As a service consumer, you want to exercise your privacy rights on your time. You also want to know that your request has been received, acknowledged and is being processed in a timely manner and lastly...that it has in fact, been executed.

Additionally, you want to ensure that your data is accurate, and your consent is respected.

As a business, the last thing you want to do is manage data subject requests every day. Most businesses have at least 20 different systems they use to manage their business and have customer data in.

Performing manual queries against these data sources is a waste of time and money.

Automated Privacy Request Processing for Developers
Making "Privacy" a first-class citizen to all existing and future applications is becoming standard practice.

Using our SDK and in-depth examples, you can easily enable your SaaS and on-premises applications to be privacy-enabled and integrated into the Privacy Central platform.

Automated Privacy Request Processing for Security
security first and always
Privacy Central was designed with Privacy and Security as top priority. We have implemented every possible security countermeasure to ensure both consumer and business data is secured and encrypted. Examples of how we have secured the platform include:

  • Encryption at Rest and in Transit
  • AES256 Encryption and High-workload factor hashing
  • Inter-application communication via PGP Encryption
  • Rolling Keys/Salts (Encryption and Hashing)
  • Consumer - Bring Your Own Keys (BYOK)
  • Multiple MFA layer support
  • FIDO2 device support
  • Full use of Azure Managed Service Identities

For more information, see our Security FAQs
consumer features
As a SaaS platform, consumers have a lot to celebrate when it comes to the benefits it brings to giving you control and insight into your data usage and sprawl. Being able to know who has your data, if it is correct and being able to submit update and deletion requests that you know have been received and are being actively worked on is an important aspect to controlling your privacy.

Organizations that don't give you this flexibility are definitely not interested in your privacy and are likely out to sell and exploit your data.

  • Organization and Application search
  • Notification of when your data is discovered
  • Personal Security via PIN encryption
  • Consent Tracking and Reporting
  • No cost privacy management (like a credit report, one request per year is FREE)

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business features
Business customers can benefit from the numerous features built into the Privacy Central platform, here are just a few examples:

  • Built-in Verification for data subjects (email, phone, address, etc)
  • Full IVR Support for comply with California privacy regulations
  • Replay of Delete requests in the case you restore from backups
  • On-premises and cloud-based application support
  • Function engine for data masking or data trimming records
  • Fully customizable policy engine for determining valid deletion checking
  • Reporting and metrics on application and data subject requests
  • Pre and Post Approval workflows
  • Mitigate Lawsuits
  • Auto discovery methods for automated consent management
  • So much more!

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developer features
Most developers aren't business or legal experts. And even for those that are, keeping up with technology, business and the legal landscape is nearly impossible! That's where the Privacy Central SDK comes into play.

The SDK and documentation provides you with a Privacy Framework from which you can start to build your applications on (or even make old ones privacy focused). The SDK is currently in .NET Framework, but we anticipate other supported platforms in the future.

Features include:
  • A full object-oriented approach to implementing the data subject action pattern (DSAP)
  • An example CRM application stub that allows you to see how the platform works
  • In-depth set of documentation for how to interact with the platform
  • Supports both on-premises and SaaS based applications via Event Hubs, Windows Services and REST API end points
platform modalities
Privacy Central realizes that a centralized SaaS platform may not be for everyone. That's why we offer multiple ways for you to use and deploy our software. Options include:

  • Our full SaaS based solution (
  • Fully-managed hosted Microsoft Azure environment with your own branding (Legal, DNS vanity, etc)
  • A deployment in your Azure environment that you run and manage

The best part? All of the modalities utilize the same subscription pricing model! Although, fully managed-hosting does come with some extra costs to pay for the Azure Consumption.

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