In most cases, you are legally required to process individual's privacy requests. The answer is best found by if you are able to answer these questions?

  • If a person sent you an email asking for all the data you have on them, would you know the steps needed to ensure that you are in compliance?
  • Do you know where all the data is?
  • Do you even have access to all the places?
  • How long do you think it will take you to compile all the data if you have 20 systems? 30 systems? 40 systems?
  • Do you know how many days you have to repsond?
  • How much does it cost to process a person's request?
  • How do you even know the person is who they say they are?
  • If you are in california, do you have an IVR to handle request as required by law?
  • Do you know know how much the average breach costs are per person?


By having a formal privacy platform in place, you can provide regulating authorities with the auditing and compliance reports that enable to show you are in compliance with local laws and regulations.

Additionally, we provide all the necessary data subject verification. This includes emails, addresses, phone numbers, etc.

cost savings

By automating and web enabling your privacy request management requests, you eliminate the chance that something will be missed. You'll also gain the benefit of an automated system versus manually having to perform requests across all your external and internal systems. Advantages include:

  • Speed up the time of your request processing
  • Automate tasks that normally would take an hour or more per each data subject request.
  • Ensure all valid data is returned based on policy
  • Trim data that is not valuable or pertinent for a data subject
peace of mind

No one likes lawsuits, but they happen. When they do, make sure that you have all you t's crossed and i's dotted. Knowing that you have put in the extra effort to enable your data subjects to manage their data will help lower the costs of any potential breaches.

Gain the peace of mind that requests and future legal liabilites are mitigated. But don't take our word for it, see what privacy exposures have cost other companies.

Also check out recent privacy lawsuits in the news.

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