privacy lawsuits can happen at anytime
The last thing anyone wants is a lawsuit. We are here for you!

By implementing the Privacy platform and making privacy a first-class citizen, you will have 3rd party verfication on your side!

By ignoring it, you risk facing lawsuits like the following...
online gaming (minors)

In a series of class action child online privacy lawsuits against numerous online gaming app developers (such as Disney, Viacom, and others). Plaintiffs allege that these companies violate state privacy protection laws by exporting, exploiting, and monetizing children’s personal information from mobile games without parental consent, in violation of long-standing privacy norms. This lawsuit alleges that the defendants’ collection of children’s data without adequate disclosures and verified parental consent violates New Mexico state law and the federal Children’s Online Privacy Act (“COPPA”).

google (no-consent)

Digital privacy class action against Google over claims the Gmail service conducted unauthorized scanning of email messages to build marketing profiles and serve targeted ads without obtaining consent.

sony (employees)

Class action litigation against Sony for its failure to take reasonable measures to secure the data of its employees from hacking and other attacks. In 2014, hackers stole the personally identifiable information of thousands of current and former Sony employees and their families (including Social Security Numbers, addresses, salaries and other employment information, and medical information), and published some of the information on the Internet. In April 2016, the Court approved a class settlement that provides for up to $4.5 million to reimburse class members for their losses, and also provides class members with two additional years of identity protection services.

device manufacturers (privacy)

Class action litigation against Samsung, LG, Motorola, HTC, and Carrier IQ alleging the smartphone manufacturers violated privacy laws by installing tracking software, called IQ Agent, on millions of cell phones and other mobile devices that use the Android operating system. Without notifying users or obtaining their consent, IQ Agent tracks users’ keystrokes, passwords, apps, text messages, photos, videos, and other personal information and transmits this data to cellular carriers. In 2016, the Court granted final approval of a $9 million settlement plus injunctive relief provisions.

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