Commercial Pricing

Pricing is based on the number of "active subjects" and the number of applications you have created. A subject is deemed "active" if they submit any type of request. Discovery is performed to identify and then notify users that they have been added to the system such that they can submit requests. Due to this fact, you can assume that your discovered users will also map to the number of active users initially.

We provide several application stubs that allow users to submit requests to your SaaS based applications like Office 365, Dynamics, and Constant Contact. We have a full Application Stub SDK on where you can build your own application stubs for your custom and proprietary applications. In addition to the monthly cost for active data subjects, you must also pay for any extra applications that are not in your base subscription plan.

Commercial tiered pricing is as follows:


Item Monthly Price Yearly Price Subjects Apps (Tier 1) Apps (Tier 2) Apps (Tier 3)
SUB01 $112.99/month $1,220.29/year up to 2,500 subjects 2 2 1
SUB02 $179.99/month $1,943.89/year up to 5,000 subjects 4 2 1
SUB03 $625.99/month $6,749.89/year up to 25,000 subjects 5 3 2
SUB04 $749.99/month $8,099.89/year up to 50,000 subjects 6 3 2
SUB05 $999.99/month $10,799.89/year up to 100,000 subjects 7 4 3
Call for rates over 100,000 Subjects


Instance counts are not based on the Application Type. Each instance of an application stub is counted towards your overall count. For example, if you have 5 different SalesForce or Dynamics instances, you would need to create a instace for each.

Item Monthly Price Yearly Price Subjects Apps (Tier 1) Apps (Tier 2) Apps (Tier 3)
APP01 $237.50/month $2,565.00/year up to 2,500 subjects 5 1 0
APP02 $462.50/month $4,995.00/year up to 5,000 subjects 5 4 1
APP03 $587.50/month $6,345.00/year up to 10,000 subjects 7 5 1
APP04 $1025/month $11,070/year up to 25,000 subjects 10 7 2
APP05 $1250/month $13,500.00/year up to 50,000 subjects 10 10 5

AlaCarte - Subject and Application AddOns:

Choose your data subject or application-based base plan, then utilize AlaCarte options to meet your needs.

Applications Addons:
  • Tier 1 - $37.50/month/app
  • Tier 2 - $50/month/app
  • Tier 3 - $75/month/app

Data Subject Addons:
  • 500 Pack - $22.50/month
  • 1000 Pack - $45.00/month
  • 5000 Pack - $175.00/month
  • 10000 Pack - $350.00/month


Credits are used for when you need to preform pre-paid activities. Items like postage are due upon execution of any postage based activities. You would also need credits for performing activites like sending SMS messages.


Tenants can have their own IVR tied to their account. This will allow customers to call into your privacy platform tenant directly. You must buy the IVR AddOn in order to add this feature to your account.

Miscellaneous Costs:

  • Message Processing rates (subject to change). When sending an application message, emails and in-app messages are free, but subjects with address and phone only as well as a preference of the same will incur a cost to send the message.
    • $.50-2.00/Message mailed. Depends on final address.
    • $.25/Phone call.
    When sending an application message you will be notified the maximum amount you will incur to send the message to all data subjects.
  • $.25\request - Integrated Voice Response (IVR/Phone) Verification
  • $10\online data verification (Passports, Driver's License, etc)
  • $1\postcard address verification

As you approach each rate tier, you will be notified that you are approaching that tier. Once you go over that amount, only the initially active users will be allowed to continue to submit requests. Any new subjects will receive a message that you are over your limit and they will need to try their request again at a future time. You can however set your account to auto-upgrade and if you have pre-purchased credits, those credits will be used to purchase the lowest level add-on.

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