Consumer Pricing

Certain discovery and validation operations have a fixed 3rd party cost to them. As a consumer you have the right to submit one "Query" request per year to an organization for free (this excludes costs for verification activities which are the consumer's responsibility). After your first "Query" request, each organization can charge you for the costs of processing the request. These charges vary based on the application type (some operations may be manual and take extended time and resources) and are set by the organization.

  • $39 fee - processing a Power of Attorney
  • $29 fee - document verification (SSN, Passport, etc)
  • $1 fee - Verifying address via Credit Card Address Verification Service (AVS)
  • Requests after one per year = $???

Subsequent Request Pricing

Each application has a different level of effort. In some cases, a request can cost a company a significant amount of time and effort. They are allowed to set their pricing on subsequent requests and these can range from a few dollars to several hundred dollars.

Privacy Central, Inc will charge a small transation fee to the business for processing these extra yearly requests.

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