Privacy Legislation is being enacted or proposed in nearly every country around the world. Here in the states, each state has passed or is considering passing privacy laws that give you access to the data a company has on you.

Here are some notible examples:

your data, your terms

Keep your data private, learn who has your data, take your data back.

Let's face it, companies are out to make a $. They do it in any number of ways and some of these ways includes selling your data to others. Knowing what they have on you is the first step to knowing what you don't want them to have.

The Privacy Central platform allows you to query a companies data and provide you a way to opt out or have that data removed in a way that is straight forward, simple and tracked for compliance.

Get your data back. If you know of a company that isn't abiding by the privacy rules of the land, let us know. We'll be happy to contact them and help make privacy a first-class citizen for them.

security first design

In order for this to work, trust is required. We must trust you as the user to input valid data, and you must trust us to protect that data.

We have a team of security experts that have deisgned and audited the system. Every possible technology has been implmeneted to ensure we are all protected from bad actors.

All personal data is encrypted with the strongest encryption algorithms available today. You can even choose to "Bring your own key".

We have chosen Microsoft Azure as our secure cloud provider because of their immense dedication to ensuring a stable and security focused architecture with the power of their intelligent security graph monitoring every request.


Your data is continually flowing from one company to another. Almost everyday. Would you like to be notified when someone has received your data? How do you want to be notified when it does show up?

When new organizations are brought online, you can be notified if your data is discovered so you can act and make a decision on how you want that company to use your data.

Knowledge is power. If you don't know where your data is, then you are powerless to act.


Choose how you want to be notified, on your terms.

Valid notification preferences include:

  • Email
  • Phone (SMS and IVR)
  • Mailed Letters
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

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